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Churandy martina foundation

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founded in 2022

Stichting Churandy Martina is a non-profit organization founded in 2022, with the aim of creating equal opportunities for Curacao youth by combining sports, games and education.


churandy martina foundation

our mission

 The mission of the foundation is to create an environment in which Curacao youth are motivated to improve their skills in both sports and learning.


We want to achieve this by on the one hand giving the children tools to improve their sports skills, while on the other hand attention is paid to tutoring and improving their school performance.


In this way we hope to realize opportunities for the children that would otherwise not be there. We strive to make this accessible to children from all walks of life, regardless of their race, income, gender or the teams they play for.


The foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce on Curacao. The statutes of the foundation are of course available and can be sent to you if desired. The time invested by the staff members is entirely voluntary.


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